Instituto Guatemalteco de Seguridad Social (the social security entity) and Ingenio La Unión, as per a private-public and strategic alliance, inaugurated on October 25 the IGSS-Ingenio La Unión Health Clinic, located in Finca Belén, within our facilities, to provide health services to employees. It is the first clinic following this new health management model. It has benefitted personnel significantly, making it easier for them to receive timely and quality health care. It also contributes to decentralize social security health services, while helping employees make a better use of time and of the facilities.

The clinic is authorized to provide common illness consultation services, laboratory services (blood, sugar, feces, and urine tests, blood type identification, VVRL-syphilis, pregnancy and tuberculosis tests), as well as a drug store to supply medications covered by IGSS affiliation. Those patients who have been under medical control at IGSS, are eligible for follow up treatment in the clinic.

The alliance benefits Ingenio La Unión employees entitled to IGSS services in Santa Lucía Cotzumalguapa, allowing quick, personalized health care based on appointments, thus eliminating long lines and waiting time while providing access to IGSS free medication.

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