We develop genuine relations with the surrounding communities, ensuring a positive social and political environment that guarantees community satisfaction, as well as business operation and sustainability.



Our work is focused on sustainable development, fully committed to environmental protection, through efficient resource management and program development addressed to mitigate the impact of production activities. – Reforestation – Fish release – Riverbank protection – Creation of a basin committee – Crop management following precision agriculture systems – Botanical garden preservation

Capacity Development

We work to strengthen the capacity of community members to procure their own well-being in a sustainable way. We implement various certifications, forums, seminars, workshops, and training activities to support them. – Community adaptation to climate change diploma – Poultry farming and pisciculture projects – COLRED system accreditation    

Preventive Health

Preventive health initiatives are implemented through alliances that allow follow up of health conditions among community members through related institutions. – Medical programs – Papanicolaou, dental care, eye care, sex education

Citizenship and Communication

We promote capacity development among community members, employees, and suppliers, to strengthen them and help them achieve their own development goals along time. This includes activities such as: – Ethical Leadership Forum to Transform Guatemala – Sustainable dialogue workshops – Training on Responsible Operation
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