We create environmental awareness by working responsibly.


Preservation and recovery of biological diversity

We promote and ensure environmental protection and preservation all along the production chain through: – Soil preservation in farming areas. – Reforestation plans and implementation of biological corridors – Fish release programs. – Protection and preservation of bird life. – A botanical garden that promotes scientific research, preservation, exhibits, and education

Air quality

We invest in new technologies to reduce the impact on air quality. Filters in factory chimneys. Wind speed and direction monitoring systems to reduce particles and ash in the air.

Transportation, dust and noise

Professional truck drivers are constantly trained to ensure safe and responsible driving, thus contributing to reduce speed and noise in the communities.

Use of agrochemicals

New technology and products are used to contribute to mitigate environmental impact and ensure the protection of neighboring communities’ plantations.

Use of water

We optimize the use of water through continuous investment and improvement of our own processes, complying with legal regulations and international standards. Efficient irrigation. We use equipment that uses water appropriately while consuming less energy. Appropriate use of water in the plant. Reduction of the amount of water used (dry cleaning of sugar cane). Recycling water (investment in cooling towers). Water recovery (water contained in sugar cane along the industrial process). Recycling water (sugar cane irrigation). Complete elimination of discharges into the river. Participation in the Basin Committees, which allow all users to make a conscious use of water.

Solid waste management

All organic and inorganic waste resulting from production is appropriately disposed of. Bagasse (waste pulp) is used to generate electricity. Trash, sugar cane sludge, ashes, and muds are used as soil fertilizers. Waste water is used in irrigation. We have a special recycling area.

Integrated pest management

We use new technology and apply environmentally friendly products that contribute to mitigate impact while ensuring the well-being of the land.
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